Digital Badges and Certification System

The candidate shall refine an existing Exam and Certification workflow to support the issuing of digital badges, certificates and invoices.

Background: EuroSPI / ISCN has a running exam and certification system in cooperation with ASA (Automotive Skills Alliance) of the European car maker association. The exam system is used for ca. 1200 exams and certifications for automotive engineers / managers per year. In case of MOOC platforms it was used for ca, 3000 in 2 years.

Benefits: ISCN runs with ASA a skill portal with training and new training about automotive engineering can be attended for free. ISCN allows the student a free attendance for the annual EuroSPI conference (

Thesis Type:

  • Bachelor's Thesis

Goal and Tasks:

  • The goal is to optimise the workflow of an existing Exam and Certification system to support:
  • Digital Badges (API already exists, adjustments and detail configuration required)
  • Interface between the Learning Management System Moodle and the Exam/Certification System (exchange of information, joint login, registration etc.)
  • Generation of Invoices
  • Generation of Certificates

Required competences and knowledge:

  • Experience in PHP and MySQL
  • Experience in Javascript and JSON
  • Experience in Web Application Development
  • Experience in Moodle Plug-Ins (Optional)
  • English language


  • As soon as possible.

Duration in months:

  • 3 months (Bachelor's Thesis)