PapagenoPCB Module Design (EAS Group)

Embedded prototyping platforms must be flexible and easily adaptable. Therefore, interchangeability of both hardware and software are of interest. papagenoPCB is a concept, where printed circuit boards can be created based on the combination of existing modules and their definition. This proposed work, therefore, aims at creating modules of computing platforms (e.g., MCUs, FPGAs) or external peripherals (e.g., ADCs, communication ports) including drivers and integrate them into a MCSmartOS-based environment.

Specific tasks or modules can be negotiated individually

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Student Target Groups:

  • Information and Computer Engineering (ICE)
  • Electrical Engineering (EE)

Thesis Type:

  • Bachelor‘s Thesis also scalable to:
  • Master‘s Project

Goals and tasks:

  • PCB schematics and layout design
  • Module description for papagenoPCB
  • Integration into MCSmartOS-based environment

Recommended Prior Knowledge:

  • C/C++
  • Real-time operating systems


  • As soon as possible