Methods, Tools & Industrial Informatics Applications

In this area, various peripheral aspects of industrial informatics are considered. The concrete topics span a large area consisting of, for example, cyber security, risk assessment, definition of future job roles, or creating further education courses for the automotive industry. Students can also contribute their own ideas, as long as they are related to industrial informatics.

Research area

  • Industrial Informatics
  • Smart Systems

Thesis Type

  • IT-Project / Project / Seminar
  • BSc Thesis
  • Master Thesis

Goals and Tasks

  • Check/test the cybersecurity measures of a series embedded automotive system.
  • Built up a demonstrator of an automotive battery management system.
  • Improve and refine an existing vehicle simulation tool for calculating CO2 emissions for heavy-duty vehicles (VECTO).
  • Support in designing a Cyber-Security educational program.
  • Mining and describing best practices and patterns for industrial Cyber-Security, Safety, and Risk Estimation.

Required Prior Knowledge

  • Most important: Interest for the topic!
  • Required: The willingness to get involved in a difficult topic and to spend a lot of time on it (perseverance and tenacity!)




6-12 months