Coupled distance bounding platform (NES Group)

Distance bounding (DB) protocols were established to securely verify the distance between two entities. They are used, for instance, in modern car keys, to ensure that the driver is next to the car when opening it. In a recent paper, we demonstrated that using magnetic coupled fields, we are able to overcome an attack that was previously thought to be unsolvable: the Distance Enlargement Fraud. So far, our results were demonstrated and evaluated via numerical simulations.

Your job is to show that the proposed mechanism also works in reality

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Student Target Groups:

  • Students in ICE/Telematics, Electronics and related

Thesis Type:

  • Master Thesis (Duration: 6 months)

Goals and Tasks:

  • Design a hardware platform for distance bounding;
  • Specify the components;
  • Implement and test it

Recommended Prior Knowledge:

  • Good laboratory skills (Oscilloscope, Signal/Function generator, etc.)
  • PCB layout and soldering
  • Previous experience specifying hardware components.


  • As soon as possible