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Sensors and smart machine components are more and more becoming an essential part of the mobility sector as well as in other areas. For that reason, the IME set a new focus point on

Mobility Sensor Solutions

In this new branch, the IME set itself the objective to extend the scope beyond research by identifying challenges in the automotive sector, develop and produce actual sensor solutions and use them in real projects e.g. in the Transmission Center or at customer sites.

Since the beginning of the project, Mobility Sensor Solutions has come up with several sensors, which have been successfully used in projects with various OEMs. Especially the extremely short development time and the reliability of the specialized sensor solutions were valued the most by customers.

These key factors are made possible by the all-inclusive service of Mobility Sensor Solutions, which covers the complete process from the initial analysis of the measurement task to the test runs at the Transmission Center and the final evaluation and assessment of the measurement results.

Future-oriented applications in condition monitoring and digital twins

One of the major benefits of IME’s solutions is the universal usability, which makes the sensors suitable for a broad range of applications as well as to various areas besides the automotive industry. Especially, when it comes to condition monitoring or the implementation of digital twins, the sensors pose a perfect option for determining different conditions throughout products and processes.

The current portfolio of Mobility Sensor Solutions consists of following products:

Fast and global service – also in difficult times

Providing the perfect sensor solutions for customer needs is the main objective of the IME. An important part of our services is to provide the full service fast and globally. Because of that, almost the full service can be performed via telepresence, which saves travel expenses, is environmentally friendly, and especially in view of COVID-19 a major benefit.



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