Our working group is contributing to advancing the scientific field of Geographic Information Science (GIScience) through cutting-edge research in both fundamental and applied domains. Our team is committed to exploring and developing innovative geospatial tools and techniques for efficient and effective problem solving in diverse range of application domains. Currently our focus areas of interest are;

  1. Geospatial Artificial Intelligence (GeoAI)
  2. (Geo)Spatial Agent Based Modeling (SABM)
  3. (Geo)Spatial Optimization (GSO)
  4. GeoKnowledge Graphs (GeoKG)
  5. (Geo)Semantics and Ontologies (GSO)
  6. Linked (Geo) Data(LGD)
  7. GeoHumanities (GHum)
  8. Geospatial data modeling (GDM)
  9. Theoretical GIS (Geospatial data structures and algorithms) (TGIS)

Our research work can be of vital interest for diverse fields of application. Some of our applied research domains are;

  1. Digital Tourism (e.g. Sustainable tourism, Tourist flow management, Predictive modeling)
  2. Sustainable energy (e.g. Solar energy potential, energy transition)
  3. Forests (e.g. Supply chain analysis and optimization, Fires)
  4. Agriculture (e.g. Livestock monitoring)
  5. Indoor Geography (e.g. Indoor modeling, localization, routing)
  6. Disasters (e.g. Landslides, floods)
  7. Humanities (e.g. Geolinguistics, Historical GIS)
  8. And many more ...

We are actively collaborating with other research institutes and research centers. We are an active member of Graz Center for Machine Learning (GraML), leading the Interdisciplinary Research Topic Geoinformatics (Graz Center for Machine Learning - TU Graz).



Rautz Konrad
Steyrergasse 30/I
8010 Graz
Tel: +43 (316) 873 - 6354
Fax: + 43 (316) 873 - 6845