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In 2014, during the Crimean crisis, significant GNSS interference attacks were identified and documented. These attacks affected critical infrastructure in the area, causing failure in systems such as the airport's ground-based augmentation system (GBAS). Since then, the number of similar incidents globally has risen dramatically, and it is expected that Austria will also experience future GNSS interference attacks.

GNSS services are important for many industrial stakeholders due to the wide range of applications they support, from location-based services to asset tracking as well as timing and synchronization. The reliability and accuracy of GNSS services are critical for many industries, and their continued development and improvement are essential for their growth and competitiveness.

The objective of the project is to investigate the methods for determining the impact of GNSS loss on Austria's critical national infrastructure, applications, and organizations, and to formulate strategies for their operations based on these findings. Thus, the outcome is a GNSS risk management tool that assists users of GNSS positioning and timing services, regardless of expertise, and increase the awareness of potential risks.

In the context of GNSS risk management , GNSS risk monitoring is an essential task. By  combining theoretical and data-based risk analysis, a new and innovative risk monitoing tool  is created. The main task of the Institute of Geodesy/Working Group of Navigation is to design the data-based risk analysis. Therefore, machine learning-based methods are being utilized to analyze the provided user data and create a universal approach for detecting and categorizing GNSS interference, including jamming and spoofing.


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