UPIC: Ultra-Rapid Precise Positioning for Crash Impact Potential Calculation

The project UPIC investigates a cooperative system for collision prediction. For this purpose, a low-cost L1 GNSS PPP solution shall be tightly coupled with in-car sensor data like wheel sensor data to derive accuracies of a few decimetres. Lane-level accurate map matching and Car2Car communication completes the system, which shall enable the reliable prediction of potential accidents.
Schematic illustration of the project concept showing the conceptional communication between two cars and the navigation module for every car
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This project was funded by the Austrian Promotion Agency (FFG) within the programme line "ASAP".


Wisiol, K.; Wieser, M.; Lesjak, R.:
GNSS-Based Vehicle State Determination Tailored to Cooperative Driving and Collision Avoidance- in:
European Navigation Conference (ENC). Helsinki, 01.06.2016
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