GRESY: GNSS Controlled Rescue System for Drones

The goal of GRESY is the development of a fully autonomous steerable rescue system, with a parachute for operators and manufacturers of multicopters that can be installed with no structural modifications to the aircraft. Due to the completely independent electronics, the multicopter will be brought safely to the ground in case of emergency. This rescue system is quickly reusable, safer and smarter than the competing products. GNSS is used for different reasons in this project:
  • Flight Path Recording System: Like a black-box for the drone
  • Flight Termination System: Derive the current flight mode from the navigation parameters in order to prevent crashes of the drone by using the parachute automatically
  • Routing: Steering the drone safely to the ground by avoiding pre-defined non-landing zones.


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This project is funded by the Austrian Promotion Agency (FFG) within the programme line "ASAP".


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