SARONTAR II - Search and Rescue Optimization by Satellite Navigation Technolgies in Alpine Regions - Integration and Implementation

The skiing, hiking and climbing tourism in the Austrian alps bears many risks, including acute avalanche endangerment. We are often reminded by self-inflicted accidents or natural disasters, that no efforts might be too large in order to save human lives. The project deals with a satellite-based operations control system for more rapid and more effective assistance and coordinated proceeding of rescue forces in alpine accidents. The race against the time is crucial and shall be shortened by the availability of an overall system for the support of the rescue troops and thereby the chances of survival shall be improved. The aim of the project is to establish an innovative overall system, by integration of positioning, navigation, communication and geoinformation techniques, to support the to a large extent voluntarily acting rescue organizations during rescue missions such as avalanche outlets, search operations and climbing accidents as a fast and efficient tool. Climatic conditions and the security as well as the security of the savior must be taken into concideration. The operation controllers equiped with this system shall be able to get a visual impression of the actual situation, in order to analyse the situation rapidly and make precise instructions to the search crews. This information service is based on the following three scopes: * Positioning and Navigation (GPS, EGNOS, INS, DR, ...) * Communictaion (SatCom, GSM/GPRS, ...) * Geoinformation (DB, visualisation, ...)