Satellite orbit products

Here you can find different satellite orbit products produced at the Institute of Geodesy. Access is granted without any registration and free of charge. All provided products can be used for scientific research or any other application.

  • GRACE-1
  • GRACE-2
  • GRACE-FO-1
  • GRACE-FO-2
  • Jason-1
  • Jason-2
  • Jason-3
  • MetOp-A
  • MetOp-B
  • Sentinel-1A
  • Sentinel-1B
  • Sentinel-3A
  • Sentinel-3B
  • Swarm-1
  • Swarm-2
  • Swarm-3
  • TanDEM-X
  • TerraSAR-X

FTP download

Further orbits will be uploaded soon.

When using the data please cite:

Suesser-Rechberger, B., Krauss, S., Strasser, S., & Mayer-Guerr, T. (2022). Improved precise kinematic LEO orbits based on the raw observation approach. Advances in Space Research, 69(10), 3559-3570.

In case of neutral densities please also cite:

Krauss, S., Behzadpour, S., Temmer, M., & Lhotka, C. (2020). Exploring thermospheric variations triggered by severe geomagnetic storm on 26 August 2018 using GRACE Follow-On data. Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics, 125, e2019JA027731.


This work is embedded in project SWEETS funded within the Austrian Space Applications Program (ASAP) Phase XVI by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).


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