Research Seminar Virtual Reality

This page contains information for the Research Seminar Virtual Reality. During term time, every Friday, 11.00-12:30 in ICG seminar room. For more details see TUGOnline!

Schedule SS 2021 (Virtual)

Dates Speaker(s) Topic and/or Paper
05/03 all selecting time slots
12/03 Christina Gsaxner Inside-Out Instrument Tracking for Surgical Navigation in Augmented Reality
19/03 Mathias Parger Rigging the Lottery: Making All Tickets Winners
26/03 Marco Stranner Semi-automated Sensor to Smartphone (Camera)Calibration for AR
02/04 - Osterferien
09/04 - Osterferien
16/04 none canceled
23/04 Ana Stanescu TSDF-based Change Detection for Consistent Long-Term Dense Reconstruction and Dynamic Object Discovery
30/04 Andreas Kurz A Reduced-Precision Network for Image Reconstruction
07/05 Alexander Weinrauch Spatiotemporal reservoir resampling for real-time ray tracing with dynamic direct lighting
14/05 - Rektorstag
21/05 Pascal Stadlbauer A Distributed, Decoupled System for Losslessly Streaming Dynamic Light Probes to Thin Clients
28/05 Philip Voglreiter How Visualizations Deceive You
04/06 - Window(s) Day^^
11/06 Philipp Fleck canceled
18/06 Antonio Pepe canceled
25/06 Antonio Pepe canceled
02/07 Philipp Fleck canceled
09/07 Philipp Fleck Virtual Prototyping of Mixed Reality Interfaces with Internet of Things (IoT) Connectivity
16/07 Jianning Li canceled
23/07 Antonio Pepe / Yuan Jin canceled

Schedule WS 2020/2021 (Virtual)

Dates Speaker(s) Topic and/or Paper
09/10 all selecting time slots
16/10 Christina Gsaxner Single-shot Deep Volumetric Regression for Mobile Medical Augmented Reality
23/10 Jianning Li A Baseline Approach for AutoImplant: The MICCAI 2020 Cranial Implant Design Challenge
30/10 Antonio Pepe Semi-supervised Virtual Regression of Aortic Dissections Using 3D Generative Inpainting
06/11 Shohei Mori Video-Annotated Augmented Reality Assembly Tutorials
13/11 - canceled
20/11 David Mandl Coherent Rendering in Mixed Reality
27/11 Daniel Mlakar Neural Subdivision
04/12 Christoph Ebner DeepFocus
11/12 Ana Stanescu Augmented Reality Instructions for Object Assembly
18/12 Mehdi Patrick Stapleton GVDB: Raytracing sparse voxel database  structures on the GPU
25/12 - Weihnachtsferien
01/01 - Weihnachtsferien
08/01 Thomas Neff NeRF Explosion + DeRF: Decomposed Radiance Fields
15/01 Martin Winter Are dynamic memory mangers on GPUs slow? A Survey and Benchmarks
22/01 Philipp Fleck Ragrug Update: Visualization and Interaction
29/01 Grigorii Mironenkov Convolutional Neural Networks in Medical Image Analysis

Schedule SS 2020

Dates Speaker(s) Topic and/or Paper
06/03 all selecting time slots
13/03 Jianning Li Deep Learning for Cranial Defect Reconstruction (canceled due to COVID-19 Pandemic)
20/03 Yuan Jin Automatic Aortic Dissection Vessel Tree Segmentation with Deep Learning (canceled due to COVID-19 Pandemic)
27/03 - canceled due to COVID-19 Pandemic
03/04 - canceled due to COVID-19 Pandemic
10/04 - Osterferien
17/04 - Osterferien
24/04 Christoph Ebner canceled due to COVID-19 Pandemic
01/05 David Mandl canceled due to COVID-19 Pandemic
08/05 Peter Mohr canceled due to COVID-19 Pandemic
15/05 Shohei Mori canceled due to COVID-19 Pandemic
22/05 Denis Kalkofen canceled due to COVID-19 Pandemic (Rektorstag)
29/05 Ana Stanescu canceled due to COVID-19 Pandemic
05/06 Martin Winter GPU Dynamic Memory Management (canceled due to COVID-19 Pandemic)
12/06 tba canceled due to COVID-19 Pandemic
19/06 Mathias Prager canceled due to COVID-19 Pandemic
26/06 tba canceled due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Schedule WS 2019/2020

Dates Speaker(s) Topic and/or Paper
04/10 Joerg Mueller canceled
11/10 Christina Gsaxner MICCAI Test Talk
18/10 Joerg Mueller Projective Geometric Algebra - A unified framework for Euclidean Geometry
25/10 - canceled
01/11 - Allerheiligen
08/11 Shohei Mori InpaintFusion: Incremental RGB-D Inpainting for 3D Scenes

Okan Erat, Marco Stranner, Kasper

Dieter Schmalstieg


UIST Recap

22/11 Daniel Mlakar Accelerating Reduction and Scan Using Tensor Core Units
29/11 Peter Bauer Accuracy Investigation of the VR System HTC Vive Pro
06/12 Philip Voglreiter The Perceptual Proxies of Visual Comparison
13/12 Thomas Neff DeepFovea: Using deep learning for foveated reconstruction in AR/VR
20/12 - Weihnachtsferien
27/12 - Weihnachtsferien
03/01 - Weihnachtsferien
10/01 Philipp Fleck postponed
17/01 Christina Gsaxner canceled
24/01 Jianning Li postponed
31/01 Antonio Pepe postponed
07/02 Philipp Fleck MAUI Test Talk


Schedule SS 2019

Dates Speaker(s) Topic and/or Paper
22/02 Mina Basirat

Learning Task-specific Activation Functions using Genetic Programming

08/03 Martin Winter

PPoPP'19 Recap

15/03 -


22/03 -


29/03 Peter Mohr-Ziak

TrackCap: Enabling Smartphones for 3D Interaction on Mobile Head-Mounted Displays (canceled)

05/04 Fernando Reyes

3D object detection for industrial augmented reality


David Mandl

Marco Stranner

Deep Outdoor Illumination Estimation

Outdoor Augmented Reality using a High-Precision Localization Device

19/04 -


26/04 -



Mark Dokter

Hierarchical Rasterization of Curved Primitives for Vector Graphics Rendering on the GPU

Philipp Fleck

Karl Haubenwallner

Matahari update (postponed)



Ana Stanescu

Philipp Fleck


Matahari update


Antonio Pepe

Christina Gsxaner

Medical Inpainting

Medical AR

31/05 -


07/06 Mathias Parger Mode-Adaptive Neural Networks for Quadruped Motion Control

Daniel Mlakar

Markus Steinberger


Eurographics 2019 Recap

21/06 Masahiro Yamaguchi Video Instruction Generation from Parts Tracking
28/06 Christoph Ebner postponed
05/07 Christoph Ebner The Retinal Light Field Display

Schedule WS 2018/19

Dates Speaker(s) Topic and/or Paper
05/10 Mike Doggett

BVH Construction and Ray Tracing for VR/AR

12/10 Jörg Müller

Introduction to Vulkan

19/10 Philip Voglreiter

Efficient Octree Traversal

26/10 - Nationalfeiertag Österreich
2/11 -

Zwickeltag (Allerheiligen)

9/11 Kerbl/Kenzel Siggraph Recap



BMEiCON Test Talks



Christoph Ebner

Dieter Schmalstieg

Christian Pirchheim

Mitigating the Vergence-Accommodation Conflict in 3D Display

VIS Recap (canceled)

ISMAR Recap Part II


Shohei Mori

3D Inpainting for AR

7/12 Thomas Neff

Temporal Coherence in Real-Time Rendering

14/12 Lorenz Jaeger


21/12 - Semesterferien
28/12 - Semesterferien
4/1 - Semesterferien
11/1 Masahiro Yamaguchi

Compensating Gaps between Synthetic and Real Images for Tracking

18/1 Peter Mohr-Ziak

Augmented Reality Instructions - Authoring, Visualization & Interaction


Philipp Fleck

Alex Maestrini

DXR: A Toolkit for Building Immersive Data Visualizations

The Evolution of Virtual Endoscopy - particularly Virtual Angioscopy

1/2 David Mandl


Schedule SS 2018

Date Speaker(s) Topic and/or Paper


Dieter Schmalstieg

selecting time slots

Compressed Surface Light Field Streaming

16/03 Michael Hohl SIMD and Parallelization
23/03 Alexander Isop canceled
30/03 Eastern -----------------------------------------------------------

Shohei Mori, Okan Erat,

Markus Höll, Dieter Schmalstieg

best of VR2018 recap

Lorenz Jaeger

Ana Stanescu

Rich360, Optimized Spherical Representation from Structured Panoramic Camera Arrays

Semantic Segmentation of Dense 3D Point Clouds with Geometric Primitives


Peter Mohr

Dieter Schmalstieg

Retargeting conventional Videos to (AR) Instructions

Lightfield Rasterization

27/04 Karl Haubenwallner BigSUR: Large-scale Structured Urban Reconstruction
04/05 Martin Winter Accelerating Dynamic Graph Analytics on GPUs

Markus Höll

Related Work to Image-Based Rendering


Marco Stranner

Philipp Umschaden

Dieter Schmalstieg

GPS Tracking outdoors


Why papers are like tomatoes


Manuela Kajkara

Christoph Klug

Remote collaboration

Uncertainty Analysis of an Unity3D Robotic Total Station Simulator

01/06 Christoph Klug preponed
08/06 Alexander Isop Natural User Interface for Piloting an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
15/06 Mark Dokter AMFS: Adaptive Multi-Frequency Shading for Future Graphics Processors
22/06 Daniel Mlakar GPU Execution Models and Pipelines
29/06 David Mandl Visual Coherence for Mixed Reality
06/07 Philipp Fleck postponed
13/07 Philipp Fleck AWE2018 Recap and Matahari update

Schedule WS 2017/18

Date Speaker(s) Topics and/or Papers
06/10  all selecting time slots
13/10 - canceled
20/10 - canceled
27/10 David Mandl Learning Lightprobes for Mixed Reality Illumination
03/11 - canceled
10/11 Denis Kalkofen Adaptive User Perspective Rendering (canceled)
17/11 Philip Voglreiter A Survey of Visibility for Walkthrough Applications
24/11 Bernhard Kerbl Versapipe: a versatile programming framework for pipelined computing on GPU
01/12 Michael Kenzel Phase-Functioned Neural Networks for Character Control
15/12 Jörg Müller Proxy-guided Image-based Rendering for Mobile Devices

Okan Erat

Drone Augmented Human Vision: Exocentric Control for Drones Exploring Hidden Areas

Christoph Klug

Bernhard Fuchs





Philipp Fleck


Maria Benavente Gomez

Update on Matahari - Maintenance through Assistive Telepresence and Human-Centered Augmented Reality in Industry





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