Project Oriented Courses

The Institute of Computer Graphics and Vision presents top relevant and up-to-date topics for project oriented courses. Students are offered the opportunity to work on the latest research questions, get in touch with researchers at the institute and produce relevant results that don't just end up in a drawer. If you are interested in doing a bachelor thesis very efficiently within three months under a one-to-one supervision, please have look on our Summer Bachelor Program!

The information given on this page is valid for the following courses (be aware of different studies and curricula). All courses are held in both winter and summer term, where the registration is possible any time!

  • 710.011 Bachelor Thesis Software Development
  • 710.012 Bachelor Thesis Informatics
  • 710.013 Bachelor Thesis Information and Computer Engineering
  • 717.316 Bachelorprojekt Biomedical Engineering
  • 710.014 Computer Vision Project
  • 710.015 Computer Graphics Project
  • 710.101 Seminar/Project Image Analysis
  • 710.102 Seminar/Project Computer Graphics
  • 710.116 Project
  • 717.012 Master-Praktikum
  • Master thesis

More details including course material, mandatory templates and information for submitting the work can be found in the TeachCenter, which provides a common platform for all of these courses.

Dates for Winter Term 2019/20

  • Semester Opening: Presentation of Lectures and Project Topics:

    • 03.10.2019 (TBA)




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