MAVMAP 3D reconstruction


Supervised students:

PhD thesis advisor:

  • Michael Maurer (ongoing)
  • Thomas Holzmann (ongoing)
  • Fabian Schenk. Robust Real-Time Visual Mapping from RGBD Data (ongoing)
  • Christian Mostegel (ongoing)
  • Markus Bergen (Rumpler) (ongoing)
  • Tobias Koch. Micro Aerial Vehicles for Building Information Models (ongoing)
  • Xiangyu Zhu (ongoing)
  • Gim Hee Lee. Visual mapping and pose estimation for self-driving cars. 2014
  • Olivier Saurer. Immersive Environments: From Virtual Indoor Tours to Outdoor Modelling. 2016
  • Lorenz Maier. Dynamic Robot Architecture for Robust Realtime Computer Vision. 2017
  • Petri Tanskanen. Live 3D Reconstruction on Mobile Phones. 2016
  • Gellért Máttyus. Joint Information Augmentation of Road Maps, Aerial Images and Ground Images. 2016
  • Lionel Heng. Toward Full Autonomy for Vision-Guided Robots. 2014


MS thesis supervisor:

  • Rafael Weilharter. Robust RGB-D Slam. 2017 (ongoing)
  • Nikolaus Heran. Semantic segmentation of UAV images (ongoing)
  • Christoph Herzog. Improving stereo matching under difficult conditions with CNN-based confidence learning (ongoing)
  • Philipp Reitter. Improving robot navigation through semantic image segmentation. 2017 (ongoing)
  • Jörg Schlager. From Aerial Images to Virtual Driving Environments. 2017
  • Jaka Cikac. Drone control using gestures. 2017


MS thesis advisor:

  • Tobias Koch. Robustes Tracking mithilfe des Partikel Filters - Ein merkmalsbasierter Ansatz und dessen Anwendung im Bereich der Verkehrsüberwachung. 2014 (TUM)
  • Lorenz Meier. Fast and robust localization and mapping on micro air vehicles. 2011 (ETH)
  • Pascal Dufour. Real-Time Stereo-Matching for Micro Air Vehicles. 2010 (ETH)
  • Petri Tanskanen. Relative pose estimation on a micro air vehicle. 2010 (ETH)
  • Diego Browarnik. Computer vision based flight control for the pole racing competition. 2010 (ETH)
  • Ingo Jenni. SIFT Feature extraction and target recognition on an embedded computer. 2009 (ETH)
  • Christian Dobler. Development of Flight Hardware for a Next Generation Autonomous Micro Air Vehicle. 2009 (ETH)
  • Olivier Saurer. OmniTour - Interactive interior exploration and automatic topological map creation using video data from an omni-directional camera. 2009 (ETH)
  • Arnold Irschara. Visuelle Odometrie für mobile Roboter mittels einer einzigen Kamera. 2006
  • Thomas Mauthner. Robot Localization using Omnidirectional Images.
  • Sandra Ober. Erkennen von stückweise planaren Objekten mit Geometric Hashing. 2004


BA thesis supervisor:

  • Andreas Johann Schütz. Photogrammetrische Auswertung von Bildern der Spacelab - Metric Camera. 2014 (TUM)
  • Moritz Brunnengräber. Kalibration des UAV Kamerasystems Asctec Firefly. 2014 (TUM)

Key Facts

Research Interests

3D Computer Vision,  Robot Vision, Multi View Geometry, Visual-Inertial Fusion, Micro Aerial Vehicle, Autonomous Systems, Aerial Imaging


Technische Universität München, ETH Zürich, German Space and Aerospace Center (DLR), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Kentucky, Graz University of Technology


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