Indoor Multi-Camera Pedestrian Datasets

We provide several multi-camera dataset for detection and tracking of multiple pedestrians captured within our laboratory.


Easy dataset (just a single person)

Medium dataset (3-5 persons)

Hard dataset (crowded scene, 5+ persons)


These datasets have been used in our following papers:

Multiple Instance Learning from Multiple Cameras
Peter M. Roth, Christian Leistner, Armin Berger and Horst Bischof
In Proc. IEEE Workshop on Camera Networks (in conj. with CVPR), 2010

Centralized Information Fusion for Learning Object Detectors in Multi-Camera Networks
Armin Berger, Peter M. Roth, Christian Leistner and Horst Bischof
In Proc. Workshop of the Austrian Association for Pattern Recognition (AAPR/OAGM), 2010

Online Learning of Person Detectors by Co-Training from Multiple Cameras
Peter M. Roth, Christian Leistner, Helmut Grabner and Horst Bischof
Multi-Camera Networks, Principles and Applications, pages 313-334, Academic Press, 2009

Visual On-line Learning in Distributed Camera Networks
Christian Leistner, Peter M. Roth, Helmut Grabner, Andreas Starzacher, Horst Bischof and Bernhard Rinner
In Proc. International Conference on Distributed Smart Cameras (ICDSC), 2008