Jesús Pestana

Jesus Pestana is Doctor (PhD) in Automation and Robotics by the Technical University of Madrid (UPM), Madrid, Spain. He has accumulated 10+ years of experience in Robotics research and worked for several research institutions (CSIC, UPM, ASU and TU Graz), and in particular, he has extensive experience in Aerial Robotics using vision-based solutions. During this time he has often worked in producing prototypes for:

  1. Industry: among them a delivery drone prototype for the Post AG (Austria) and an inventory drone prototype for an industry consortium (Austria)
  2. Near-to-real scenarios in International Robotics Competitions: IC CEA 2012, IMAV2012, IMAV2013, IARC2014, EuRoC2014, IMAV2016 and the DJI Challenge 2016
  3. Several robotics life demonstrations: including drones achieving vision-based object and/or person following, simplified search and rescue scenarios and user interaction using a real-time text display by means of an onboard laser-projector.

His current research interests include obstacle avoidance, visual-inertial odometry and autonomous navigation.

He currently pursues the objective of transferring technology from research into the market by participating in startup idea pitching events and by working on industrial application and technology transfer projects at the TU Graz.

Selected Publications

A full list of my publications can be found at Google Scholar or in the PURE system of TU Graz.