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Graphic Representation in Urbanism

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Lunch Lecture by Aglaée Degros

Vortrag von Aglaée Degros, Institut für Städtebau, am 3. Mai 2017 um 13.00 h im Hörsaal I (HSI), Rechbauerstr.12/KG, Graz. Urbanism is an ever changing discipline, at its core, it simply reflects challenges our society is facing: The decreasing role of the public body, the new migration streams but also the changes in the climate and the scarcity of resources are influencing how we make our cities and organise our territory.  How does that affect our way to represent a project?  While representing our socio-economical and environmental concepts, we must not forgot to master the art of designing space. In the lecture, we will learn from several competitions proposing smart city development, incremental design, transition plans, ...