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Level(s) and its place in the tool box for sustainable construction
- Presentation Lindblom
- Presentation Röck/Passer
- Presentation Rietz
- Poll results

"Die 3 Schwestern in der Seestadt Aspern Bauplatz D22" – Paradebeispiel für nachhaltiges Wohnen
- Presentation Trebut

CONDEREFF - European project regarding construction & demolition waste
- Presentation Winter
- Presentation Mitterwallner
- Presentation Neitsch

Implementing BWR 7 "Sustainable Use of Natural Resources" in Europe
- Presentation Fuchs
- Presentation Nieto

The role of background databases in the environmental assessments of buildings: what is the way forward?
- Presentation Wernet
- Presentation Allacker
- Presentation Ioannidou
- Presentation Viera
- Presentation Schreiber
- Presentation Tellnes
- Presentation Figl
- Presentation Richter

EPD thought through to the end?
- Presentation Rutger
- Presentation Schmincke

Holzbau im urbanen Raum – eine Chance für Städte?
- Presentation Koscak
- Presentation Hammerl
- Presentation Kaden
- Presentation Schuster



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