Open Access Funding for FWF Projects

Starting January 1, 2024, the handling of Open Access funding by the FWF will change: Instead of "Peer-Reviewed Publications", the FWF introduces the Open Access Block Grant. This means that the Open Access Team at TU Graz takes care of the processing of costs.

The FWF's "Peer-Reviewed Publications" program will be replaced by the Open Access Block Grant starting January 1, 2024. The block grant is annually disbursed to Austrian research institutions to support the financing of peer-reviewed Open Access publications. The research institutions monitor compliance with the guidelines of the FWF's Open Access Policy.

Henceforth, authors no longer need to apply directly to the FWF. 

Before submitting an article from FWF-funded projects, please contact the Open Access team at TU Graz (

The following costs for peer-reviewed journal articles arising entirely or partially from FWF-funded projects will be covered:

a) Peer-reviewed publications with a CC BY license in DOAJ-listed Gold Open Access journals (fully open access).

b) Fees for bilateral as well as consortium-national transformative Open Access publishing agreements in which the library is involved. Publications under transformative Open Access agreements must be published with a CC BY license and without embargo period.

c) For edited volumes, the Open Access Block Grant can be applied to chapters. Prerequisite: the entire volume is licensed under CC BY.

The following costs are NOT funded by the OAP:

License fees for material from Closed Access publications.


The Open Access Block Grant can be used at any time after the project ends. (The three-year limit has been lifted.)


Requirements for funding are as follows:

1)    The following text must be included in the publication upon submission:

"This research was funded in whole, or in part, by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) [Grant DOI]*. For the purpose of open access, the author has applied a CC BY public copyright license to any Author Accepted Manuscript version arising from this submission."

For German-language publications:

Diese Forschung wurde gänzlich oder teilweise durch den Wissenschaftsfonds FWF finanziert [Grant-DOI]. Zum Zweck des freien Zugangs hat der:die Autor:in für jedwede akzeptierte Manuskriptversion, die sich aus dieser Einreichung ergibt, eine „Creative Commons Attribution CC BY“-Lizenz vergeben.

* Grant DOI: 10.55776/Project number (without space)

2)    The corresponding authors must maintain affiliation with TU Graz.


The Research Radar replaces the previous Project Finder. Here you can search for FWF-funded projects.


For further information, please visit the FWF website:
Open-Access Block Grant
Program: "Peer-Reviewed Publications"
Research Radar


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Please note the different OA funding conditions of FWF and Graz University of Technology. The main differences are:

  FWF TU Graz
Policy Obligation to OA.
Refer to FWF's OA policy.

Recommendation for OA.
Refer to the Open Access Policy of TU Graz.

Funding Limits
for Gold OA


Up to 2,500 Euros. Details:
Open Access Publication Fund.

Offsetting Articles
in Subscription Journals
("Hybrid OA")

Until 2027: 
Fees for bilateral and 
consortium-national transformative
open access publishing agreements
involving the library*
Hybrid support within
OA publishing agreements or,
if criteria are met, assistance through the
open access publication fund.
Page & Colour Charges No. No.

* Publications under transformative Open Access agreements must be published with a "CC BY" license and without an embargo period.