TU Graz University Press

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Knowledge transfer is one of the most important goals of every university. Publishing research results of high scientific quality and presenting them to the scientific community as well as a broad audience is the task of the TU Graz University Press, which was founded in the early 1990s.

Our goal is to support members of TU Graz in their scientific publishing activities as best as possible and thus close the gap to commercial publishers.

Above all, young authors should be offered the opportunity to publish at low cost in order to make their achievements known internationally.

As a member of the Working Group of University Publishers, the TU Graz University Press has also set itself the goal of promoting the Open Access principle and offers a part of the publications in a freely accessible, free online version.

The publishing program corresponds to the subject range of TU Graz and offers publications on architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, economics, electrical engineering, information technology, technical mathematics, technical physics, technical chemistry, process engineering, biotechnology, computer science, and biomedical engineering.

The open access publications of the TU Graz University Press can be found in the institutional repository.