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TU Graz OPEN Library

TU Graz OPEN Library is the institutional open access repository of Graz University of Technology where members of the university can upload their journal articles, monographs, and conference contributions and make them freely available to others. The publication platform is suitable for secondary and primary publications.

The documents are uploaded in PURE and are transferred to TU Graz OPEN Library after formal criteria are verified.

With TU Graz OPEN Library, which is also listed in the Directory of Open Access Repositories, you can easily meet the OA requirements of research funders such as the FWF. We are happy to support you in case of uncertainties whether an upload is legally permitted or not.

Important note:

  • Please note that uploading documents to PURE is only allowed if you have the corresponding rights (e.g., from the publisher or other right holders)!

Information on self-archiving

Information on CC licenses

Login to PURE. If you have questions about PURE, please contact

TU Graz Open Library vs. PURE

Please note the following information regarding the relationship between TU Graz Open Library and PURE:

  • PURE is the central portal for research information and records publications, presentations, and activities of researchers at TU Graz. The research performance of TU Graz is thus transparently presented to the public. It is also the primary upload platform for scientific documents such as publications. In accordance with the open access policy of TU Graz, authors are also expected to provide OA documents to the TU Graz Open Library to ensure permanent accessibility, archiving, as well as maximum visibility and dissemination.
  • For publications in OA journals (Gold OA) that are published through various publishing agreements and support from the OA Publication Fund, the provision of access in the TU Graz Open Library is done automatically by the Open Access team without your involvement, if legally permitted.


If you have any questions, please contact:

Dipl.-Ing. Elisabeth Rosenberger
Library and Archive
Serials Management, Open Access, and Digitisation

Tel: +43 316 873 6613