Funding for Open Access publishing

To provide financial support for authors, the Graz University of Technology offers an extensive range of OA funding opportunities. The following funding options are available to researchers at TU Graz:

OA Publication Fund*: This central fund of the university library is available to authors at the Graz University of Technology for publishing in open access journals (gold OA).

OA Publishing Agreements*: In addition to agreements with open access publishers (BMC, Frontiers, MDPI), we also support OA publishing in traditional subscription journals (hybrid OA). Currently, there are "transformative agreements" with publishers such as Emerald, IOP, IWA, RSC, SCOAP3, Springer, Wiley, etc. This meets the desire of many authors to publish OA in highly renowned and long-established journals.

FWF funding and EU funding: For publications within projects, OA financing is always provided by the FWF or the EU. The open access policies of the funding agencies apply.

Please also note that there are currently no central funding sources available for OA book publications. However, funding is possible through the FWF program Book Publications.

Another important note: Before submitting a contribution to a journal, please check whether it is a reputable offer. The increased number of OA journals in recent years has unfortunately led to more and more dubious publishers/providers (predatory publishing) demanding publication fees without providing corresponding publishing services (such as quality assurance, copy-editing). See also think·check·submit.

The open access articles supported by TU Graz are automatically deposited in the TU Graz Open Access Repository.

* In order to apply for this funding, the following requirements must be met:
You are the "corresponding author" of the article, you are affiliated with TU Graz, your article is not the result of FWF projects, EU projects, or externally funded research, and you indicate TU Graz as your affiliation.