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Open Access Policy TU Graz

Graz University of Technology has set itself the goal of making research results generated at the university freely available on the Internet to the greatest extent possible in accordance with the principle of "Open Access." With the signing of the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities in 2015, TU Graz is committed to open access to scientific knowledge.

In accordance with this declaration, TU Graz formulates the following guidelines:

TU Graz strongly recommends all its researchers, students, and PhD students publish their publications "open access" as long as there are no legal obstacles. This applies to research papers (postprints) as well as theses, dissertations, habilitations, and other research results. These should be made freely available in a timely manner via the institutional document server or other suitable servers (green open access).

Graz University of Technology encourages its researchers to publish in a suitable open access publication, provided that such publications are available with peer review and are listed in the "Directory of Open Access Journals.". Within the scope of its budgetary possibilities, TU Graz assumes publication costs.

Graz University of Technology encourages its researchers to be active in peer reviews and editorships of open access publications.

The University Library acts as a university-wide contact for all questions regarding "Open Access" and supports all TU Graz members in organizational and legal matters.

Rectorate decision 034/2015 v. 4.März 2015