TU Graz has ever been a traditional university and will not replace but enhance classroom teaching with digital media. Technical support is only one cornerstone but also didactical and pedagogical interventions are crucial to the improvement of teaching and learning. The increase of online learning is a must to ensure a flexibel and target group focussed study at tomorrows university.


The vision of TU Graz Educational Technology is to sustainably enhance classroom teaching with modern media in order to improve communication by a centralized service. TU Graz shall represent a community of teachers and learners in tomorrows information society; this vision is expressed by the guiding principle "The Power of the People".


The roadmap of technology anhanced learning at TU Graz is being revised every three years. It mainly keeps the following nine cornerstones:

  1. Operation, maintenance and development of digital online platforms for teaching and learning as well as applications
    TU Graz TeachCenter, TUbe, TU GRaz MyApps, TUBe, ABC E-Books and more

  2. Design, production and deployment of digital ressources for teaching and learning
    E-Books, interactive learnign objects, streaming media and more

  3. Support and consulting for planing and realisation of digital supporting measures in the course of teaching
    Counselling media didactics, recording services and more

  4. Qualification measures and skills development
    Trainings, consulting, information events, lectures, seminars and more

  5. Open Access to education and knowledge
    E-Learning and law, Open Educational ressources, iMOOX, Open Access and more

  6. Organisational setting and incentive systems
    Basing and strengthening technology enhanced learning within the curricula, increasement of blended learning, increasing teachers motivation and more

  7. Interuniversity cooperations and enhancement of (inter-)national exchange in the subject area e-learning
    FNMA, SHK, TELS AG, RFDZI, organisation of conferences and more

  8. Strengthening of lifelong learning
    LLL. postgradual courses, iMOOX: open online courses and more

  9. Research and innovation
    Thesis, dissertations, innovative development, research projects and more

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