Learning Analytics

Students generate a large amount of different data that is available to higher education institutions. Within the framework of the project, this data is processed in such a way that it can be directly reported back to students. These tools can help students optimise their studying behaviour and thus better manage their studies. In this way, studyability is increased and the university is perceived more strongly as a supportive place of learning. The focus lies on evidence-based learning support and intervention, whereby learning content and pathways can be adapted to students' needs - complemented by individual support and feedback for all student groups in different settings.

The project is being implemented under the leadership of TU Graz together with the University of Graz and the University of Vienna.

In order to make Learning Analytics results readable for students, it is necessary to visualise the data in online dashboards. Currently, two dashboards are in pilot operation at TU Graz: 

  • "Learners Corner" (course dashboard)
  • Student dashboard