• Vision

    The vision of TU Graz Educational Technology is to sustainably enhance classroom teaching with modern media in order to improve communication by a centralized service. TU Graz shall represent a community of teachers and learners in tomorrows information society; this vision is expressed by the guiding principle "THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE".

  • TU Graz TeachCenter

    TU Graz offers a central learning management system to assist digital teaching and learning independently of time and space: TU Graz TeachCenter

  • iMooX - Education for All!

    TU Graz runs the first MOOC-platform in Austria. Thereby we can offer free online courses to meet the public educational task universites have to follow: iMooX

  • FeedbackR

    Technology enhanced teaching and learning conqueres any parts of daily life. TU Graz Educational Technology supports interactivity during big lectures e.g. by mobile voting systems: FeedbackR

    Image source: flickr/Jim Pennucci

  • TUbe

    The video portal of TU Graz is called TUbe - it offers all recordings of TU Graz (lectures and events): TUbe