HaDes Award

As part of the “MCU Design, Laboratory” course, the Embedded Architectures & Systems Group awards the annual HaDes Award for the best processor and/or the best software implemented for it.

In the Hardware category, the implementation, enhancement or extension of the HaDes processor is honored. The Software category honors particularly interesting applications for the processor. Prerequisite for participation is the successful completion of the course itself as well as the use of the own processor implementation as a basis.

As a reward for the extra effort, each winning group will receive a certificate and a bottle of sparkling wine. Further details will be announced at the beginning of the course.

HaDes-V Award 2024

  • Jonas Pohn (RISC-V ISA Floating point extension for HaDes-V)
  • Runner-up: Yannick Felgitscher (Breakout game for HaDes-V)

Additionally, for their 3 year service and beyond, the EAS Group awards the HaDes Distinguished Contribution Award to David Beikircher and Florian Riedl

HaDes Award 2023

  • David Mihola (C compiler for our HaDes architecture)
  • Runner ups: Elias Vögel and Philipp Severin (DSP co-processing unit for the HaDes)

HaDes Award 2022

  • Theo Gruber (ADC)
  • Runner ups: Florian Scherr (Timer), Bernhard Vergeiner (PongHub)

HaDes Award 2021

  • Michael Ehrenreich (Logic Analyzer)
  • Runner ups: Meinhard Kissich & Klaus Weinbauer (Cipher Module); David Beikircher (Snake)

HaDes Award 2020

  • Gabriel Stoll (Pacman)