SPiDR - Secure, Performant, Dependable, and Resilient Wireless Mesh Networks

SPiDR brings together the latest advances in wireless networking, localization, benchmarking, collaborative awareness, and machine learning, towards the development of secure, resilient, and highly-performant wireless mesh networks. Within SPiDR, we will create benchmarking infrastructures supporting experimentation on wireless networks based on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and Ultra-wideband (UWB) technology; we will design dependable and scalable networking protocols that are resilient to malicious agents; we will provide autonomous entities such as drones with RF context- and location-awareness, as well as with the ability to identify and mitigate security threats, network anomalies, and coexistence issues.
Staff member
Carlo Alberto Boano
Assoc.Prof. Dott. Dott. mag. Dr.techn. MSc
Kay Uwe Römer
Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Inform. Dr.sc.ETH
Markus Schuß
Dipl.-Ing. BSc
Participant / Staff Member
Sonali Priyadarshini Deo
B.E. tekn. M.Sc.
Markus Gallacher
Dipl.-Ing. BSc
Maximilian Peter Schuh
Dipl.-Ing. B.Sc.
Start: 30.06.2021