Results of the elective course "Load-bearing structures for large spans"

In the winter semester 2023/24, the specialization "Load-bearing structures for large spans" took place, led by Stefan Peters, Andreas Trummer and Iveta Šarmanová. The main focus was on the independent design of load-bearing structures for medium to large spans. In particular, the design was worked out taking into account the force progression and stiffness distribution through to pre-dimensioning and detailed planning. The results of this in-depth study were presented on posters and documented in a comprehensive brochure, which provided an insight into the creativity and specialist knowledge of the participants. The students used 1:50 scale models made from a wide variety of materials to communicate their concepts. This in-depth study was an opportunity for the students to further develop their skills and knowledge in the context of structural design.

Project "Die Linse" by Sebastian Kinzl and Peter Sonnbichler (section, detail, result of the form-finding workshop, model photo)


Project "Gitterschale" by Anna-Maria Daniel and Manuel Rammerstorfer (Floor plan, detail, internal forces, model)


Project "Gefaltet" by Alina Tamegger and Loriana Tomescu (Floor plan, detail, result of the form-finding workshop, model)

Project "Der Alpen Kondor" by Lukas Graf and Felix Stockinger (detail, working model, result of the form-finding workshop, model)