Institute of Structural Design

Supporting structures are a fundamental part of every building and their secure functionality a mandatory condition for its users. Therefore are the comprehension of the supporting performance as well as the demonstration of the variety of shapes important components in the doctrine for students of architecture.

The Institute of Structural Design interlinks teaching basic knowledge about mechanical and practical applications of simple supporting structures like bars, framework, rope, arcs and frames with current topics like the design and realization of supporting structures by using the more complex processes of digital planning. Based on guided basic education implementing independent designing, developing and constructing is of major importance. The main focus here is to impart an appropriate working method as well as to raise awareness for an adequate structural solution for the design task given.

The cooperation with companies of the construction industry makes research orientated but practical, creative and scientific work possible. Main topic of research at our institute comprises the development of innovative hybrid construction using new materials and the implementation of innovative robot-supporting process engineering for the construction industry. The aim is to hold a close relationship to the industry through co-operations with contracting companies as well as to demonstrate feasibility through the realization of prototypes.


Institute of Structural Design
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