Sprayed Optimized Concrete (SpOC)

© Florian Steindl

CO2-reduced shotcrete and optimised spray technology: towards a durable, homogeneous construction material

Shotcrete is of immense importance in underground construction and engineering and thus heavily influences the environmental impact and life-cycle costs of underground buildings such as tunnels. An improved shotcrete technology has significant potential for future applications, which underlines the importance of the collective research project „Sprayed Optimised Concrete” (SpOC), with support from the Austrian Construction Association (ÖBV).

In this project, research in the fields of primary materials, spraying and pumping technology, sustainable shotcrete construction, quality testing and life-cycle guidance are conducted for the benefit of members of the entire shotcrete industry sector (building owners, planners, machine producers, material suppliers, building companies) on the path to a more climate-friendly, durable and efficient construction method. The following objectives guide the workplan: (i) harnessing new raw materials for low CO2 binders, (ii) developing new technology and quality assurance methods, (iii) prospecting new construction possibilities for shotcrete as a durable, impermeable building material and, finally, (iv) providing evaluation criteria as "life-cycle guidance" and develop suggestions for guidelines, contracts and awarding.

Project duration:
September 2022 - September 2023

Austrian Construction Association, ÖBV
Austrian Research Promotion Agency, FFG

Project coordinator:
Florian Mittermayr, Institute of Technology and Testing of Construction Materials, TU Graz

Project team:
Isabel Galan Garcia, Institute of Applied Geosciences, TU Graz
Marcella Ruschi Mendes Saade, Institute of Structural Design, TU Graz
Augusto Cezar Maciel Soares, Institute of Structural Design, Institute of Technology and Testing of Construction Materials, TU Graz

Project partners:
Unit of Material Technology Innsbruck, University of Innsbruck