Article in "Stahlbau"

The article "3DWelding – additive fabrication of structural steel elements" by Christoph Holzinger, Stefan Peters and Andreas Trummer was published in the fifth issue of the journal "Stahlbau".

This paper investigates the possibilities of robotic 3D printing with steel (WAAM – Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing) in the construction industry. The aim of the project team is to develop a stable and economical manufacturing process for customized steel elements. Thus, the influence of different process parameters such as wire feed rate and travel speed on the weld shape and build-up rate as well as on the material properties will be explained and a parameter window with stable, verified parameter sets will be defined for each material used. Three different filler metals (G 2Si1, G 3Si1, G 4Si1) are tested in terms of their strength and stiffness, with particular attention paid to the joining area between substrate and welded structure. For this purpose, test methods for testing additively manufactured components, especially for shear capacity, have been newly developed. As a proof of concept, an exemplary application is shown and the load-bearing capacity of this connection is investigated in different configurations

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