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Master's programs in English Information event: TU Graz, Inffeldgasse 25f, MFEG200 June 12th, 2024 / 4:30pm Snacks and drinks for everyone Please register: m.cibulka@tugraz.at

Doctoral Programme - Guide


This guide is for all PhD students at Graz University of Technology. Specific regulations for your Doctoral School can be found in the corresponding statutes. The standard tool for managing the PhD process can be found in TUGRAZonline: “My Doctoral Project”

Research group 'Simulation Science' provides science ambassador


Stefan Radl will act as a "Science Ambassador" from now on, visiting schools (virtually), and also offering a workshop on the topic "Glass ball looking 4.0: How does a computer simulation work?". Contact can be made via the "Young Science" Platform (https://youngscience.at).

IPPT’s Beitrag zur Langen Nacht der Forschung 2022


Dry Fluids in Action: Is Powder Solid or Liquid? IPPT's contribution to the “Long Night of Research 2022” The "Simulation Science" (https://ippt.tugraz.at/simSci) and " Pharmaceutical Engineering and Particle Technology" working groups, together with colleagues from RCPE GmbH, hosted the "Dry…

Lange Nacht der Forschung 2022


For more Infos use this Link: https://langenachtderforschung.at/station/1416

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering - master's degree


Master‘s program in English Information event: TU Graz, Inffeldgasse 11 HS FSI1 May 10th, 2022 / 5pm Snacks and drinks for everyone Please register: m.cibulka@tugraz.at

Tracking down coronavirus particles in indoor spaces (from left): Roman Czech (Cleanroom Technology Austria GmbH), Stefan Radl (TU Graz) and Bernhard Damberger (IBO Innenraumanalytik OG) with the corresponding measuring equipment © Cleanroom Technology Austria.

“Coronavirus-proof” Interiors: New Measuring Method Documents Movements of Infectious Aerosols


With the method co-developed by TU Graz, virus movements in indoor spaces can be simulated easily and cost-effectively. The method helps to implement measures in rooms that significantly reduce the risk of transmission via the air. Click here to read the article.

2019 RCE Outstanding Early-Career Paper Award Winner: Heidrun Gruber-Woelfler


It is our great pleasure to announce Professor Heidrun Gruber-Woelfler (TU Graz, Austria) as the winner of the inaugural (2019) Reaction Chemistry & Engineering Outstanding Early-Career Paper Award. Royal Society of Chemistry

Quarantine Support Service


This information is designed for all internationals (exchange students, degree seeking students, staff/guests) at TU Graz and provides you with COVID-19 information: useful resources/links about travel restrictions, entry regulations, special services, health and wellbeing resources, updates from TU…

Falling Walls Lab Austria – Ticket to Berlin goes to Bianca Grabner


Our PhD student Bianca Grabner had the opportunity to present her innovative approach for pharmaceutical drug synthesis during the Technology Symposium at the European Forum Alpbach. Bianca convinced the audience and won the Ticket to Berlin. As one out of 100 young innovators, researchers and…