Pharmaceutical Engineering and Particle Technology


A paradigm shift is currently taking place in the pharmaceutical industry. In contrast to the blockbuster drugs of the past decades, many new approvals are designed for small, specific patient groups. The aim of this patient-oriented approach is to increase efficacy while reducing side effects. In order to achieve this goal, it must be ensured that each patient receives the dose that is relevant to them.

To this end, our research group specializes in various stages of the pharmaceutical product development chain. Our research areas encompass classical pharmaceutical process development, biopharmaceutical processes and the design of the dosage form.

For example, Computational Fluid Dynamics and the Discrete Element Method are used to investigate the dispersion of dry powder formulations in capsule-based inhalers and their dependence on the patient inhalation profile.

The effect of drugs in the body and their delivery to the site of action is very complex and specific. Many factors influence the final effect and the dose variability. Innovative solutions as well as process and formulation development are intended to improve the performance of biopharmaceuticals in patients.

The most common dosage form, which also enjoys the highest patient acceptance, is still the tablet. We are therefore working to make their production simpler, more cost-efficient and more flexible. The aim is to streamline the process chain and create opportunities for individualization.

Our cooperation partners are renowned scientific colleagues as well as national and international companies. The results and know-how from our previous projects provide an ideal basis for new challenges. We look forward to hearing from you!


  • Market research – technology screening
  • Experimental evaluation
  • Material science - formulation
  • QbD and PAT
  • Development, evaluation and implementation of control and measurement systems
  • Modeling and simulation
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