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We are an international group of researchers with backgrounds in chemical and mechanical engineering, as well as chemistry. We aim on simulation projects in the field of complex fluid flow (mainly polymer melts, and granular materials), multiphase flow (e.g., bubbly flows, gas-particle suspensions, 3-phase flows), as well as reactive flows. Our simulation philosophy is based on a bottom-up strategy, i.e., we aim on a systematic understanding of small-scale phenomena to obtain scientifically-sound closures for larger scales. For this purpose, we use simulations at various scales, but only a limited set of experiments, to advance science in our field.

Our vision is "Making::Simulations::Work": in collaboration with our partners, we establish simulation tools that are useful to a wide range of scientists and industry partners.

We are embedded into a international network of researcher, and frequently interact with national and international companies. We are eager to tackle new challenges and start new collaborations! Feel free to contact us!

Our group has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska Curie grant agreement Nos 812638 (CALIPER) and 813202 (MatheGRAM).

Methodology Development

Libraries for spatial filtering, closure development for "coarse grained" models, development of tools
Animation Coarse Grained Fields from Particle-Resolved Direct Numerical Simulation (Federico Municchi, Stefan Radl)
Modeling of clustering in fluidized beds (Radl et al., ECCOMAS, 2012)

Atomistic Simulation

Simulation of transport properties (especially diffusion coefficient) of materials (e.g. polymers) using the Molecular Dynamics code "LAMMPS".

Granular Flow and SPH

Granular flow (using the Discrete Element Method), Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (granular and semisolid systems)
Granulare flow in rotating containers
Simulation of mixing processes using SPH (copyright by A. Eitzlmayr)

Multiphase Flow Simulation

Suspensions (gas-solid, liquid-solid), separation and fractionation processes, Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics, bubble columns, 3-phase flows (flotation, wet fluidized beds)
Droplet, vapor, and temperature distribution in a wet fluidized bed
Agglomeration behavior of a wet gas-particle suspension
Simulation of a 3-phase bubble column
Fibre suspension flow in toroidal and coiled pipes
Hydrodynamic fractionation of pulp
Suspension flow in channels (Vigolo et al., PNAS 111, 2014)

Reactive Flows

Flows featuring homogeneous and/or heterogeneous chemical reactions, as well as heat and mass exchange

Direct Numerical Simulation of heat transfer in a confined bed
Full-physics simulation of exothermic reactions in a fluidized bed
Simulation eines nicht-katalytischen WS-Reaktors
Wachstum eines Polymerpartikels
Wärme- und Stoffübergang in Wirbelschichten mit heterogenen Reaktionen

Simulation of Cleanrooms

CFD simulations of flows in clean environments (i.e., flows in clean rooms, locks, isolators, decontamination devices) enable an optimal design and can help to solve problems in the operation of these processes. Our group has many years of experience with these simulations and is happy to support industrial customers with their questions.

Movie: Gas distribution during hydrogen peroxide decontamination
Movie: Vortex formation in an isolator
Movie: Decontamination of an isolator
Movie: Leakage simulation of a cleanroom


  • Fundamental research in the field of granular, reactive granular (e.g., chemical looping combustion), bubbly, and polymer flows, as well as atomistic simulations on GPU and CPU clusters.
  • SPH simulations using the LIGGGHTS package (see a typical movie here).
  • Development of new software packages, as well as modules for existing software packages (ParScale, CPPPO, LIGGGHTS, CFDEMcoupling, OpenFOAM, Matlab & Octave, VBA).
  • Applied research in the field of particle and multiphase flows (simulation of fluidized beds, milling & classification processes, melt extrusion devices, etc.), as well as biotechnology.

Group Members

Alumni (PhDs only)

Alumni / Previous Group Photos

Part of the group promoting the CALIPER ( project
CALIPER Project Meeting in Budapest (October 2021)
Foto from the team at the Particles2021 conference in Hamburg, Germany
Group Foto (Juli 2021; Sadegh Salehi, Gero Stöckl, Philipp Mayr, Richard Amering, Francisco Goio, Stefan Radl, Nazanin Ghods)
Group Foto (June 2020)
Team "Flippr²@IPPT" (August 2019; back: Amin Keilani, Gregor Schaub, Thomas Schmid, Angelika Zachl, Stefan Radl; front: Florian Färber)
Group Photo (August 2018; hinten: Sadegh Salehi, Thomas Schmid, Stefan Radl, Johannes Obersriebnig ; vorne: Maryam Askarishahi, Hanna Teuschl, Josef Tausendschön)
Group photo (August 2017; back: David Gruber, Gregor Schaub, Mingqiu Wu, Jakob Redlinger-Pohn, Stefan Radl, Sadegh Salehi, Michael Essl, Raphael Wagner; front: Veronika Rieger, Thomas Schmid, Maryam Askarishahi)