Lukas Maier

Lukas Maier
Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Ing. BSc
+43 316 873 - 7465, 30417

About me

I started studying Environmental System Sciences - Natural Sciences/Technology at NAWI Graz in 2017. After completing my bachelor's degree, I pursued master's degrees in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering as well as Biorefinery Engineering. During these studies, I engaged with both the practical application of process engineering through extraction experiments in my first master's thesis and the theoretical consideration of chemical systems in my second thesis. In the latter, I worked on optimizing parameters for a novel activity coefficient model and learned various methods from the field of data science.

Research Focus

My work focuses on the simulation of non-spherical particles using the Discrete Element Method (DEM). Specifically, I investigate the influence of various input parameters on the results and the uncertainty within the model. I employ theoretical considerations as well as AI-supported analysis of the data collected. The goal of my research is to develop methods that, based on experimental data, can estimate the optimal input parameters and their influence on the uncertainties of the results. This aims to minimize computational effort and facilitate optimization.

Figure 1: Impact of insertion seed on simulation results
Figure 2: Drawdown-test results for different initial configurations