General Information

Students who would like to attend a course or lecture at our institute are recommended to visit the preparatory meetings at the beginning of each semester. Details about the content and the procedure of each lecture will be given there. We further ask students to make sure you are officially registered as a participant via TUGRAZonline. This way, they will be provided with latest updates and have access to the TeachCenter, an online teaching platform offered by the TU Graz. News and updates for each course can be found under the tab 'announcements', teaching material for download can be found under 'course library'.

Information on Manuscripts and Learning Tools

Teaching material for all courses will be provided via the TeachCenter platform of the TU Graz. Students can access it directly via their TUGRAZonline account. All courses and lectures one is signed up for appear on the first page after login ('enrolled courses') and can be clicked for further information.
  • News and updates are listed under 'announcements'.
  • Content, lecture dates and dates of future exams can be found under 'course curriculum'.
  • As the lecture proceeds, you will find updated course material (slides, pdf-files, etc.) under the tab 'course library'.

Institut of Experimental Physics
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