Registration for Examination

  • As usual, registration and de-registration for exams is only possible via TUGRAZonline.
  • For registration please log in to TUGRAZonline, choose your course, and register for the upcoming exam by clicking the button.
  • Please make sure to prepare the correct topics if you attended the lecture in previous semesters as the content might have been updated or changed.
  • For further questions regarding exam registration please contact the secretary's office (,


  • Students may choose from 6 examination dates per year, i.e. 3 dates per semester.
  • In most cases, the examination is a written test.
  • Extra dates may be offered in justified cases after consultation.

    Exam Dates 2023/24

    Please refer: TUG-online

    Exam Results

    Students can access their results directly via TUGonline. After login, please click "Exam Results" for an overview.

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