Mechanical Workshop

Mechanical workshop with lathes
3 axles CNC mill
WIG welding
Material storage
Precession grinding machines
Sand- and shot blasting

The mechanical workshop of the faculty, headed by Christoph Kosel, provides technical support to numerous researchers and teachers of all Physics Institutes. Five highly skilled technicians with many years of experience in research-related engineering are equipped with an excellent complement of machine tools, offering complete CNC and manual machine shop services, computer-aided design, aluminum anodizing and UHV welding.

Core tasks of the workshop are:

  • Prototype development
  • Repair, support and service for research equipment
  • Fabrication of small batch series
  • Single piece production
mill with rotating and tilting table
Different tools
3 axles CNC mill
CNC lathe
Welding workplace
Solder workplace

The technical staff has been involved in many scientific projects over the years and can also offer practical advice on the construction and the design of mechanical parts such as UHV manipulators, slides and bearings, vacuum chambers, fairings and supports.
The workshop is located in the basement of the institute (PHK1066 + PHK1050F), Petersgasse 16, 8010 Graz.
A selection of recent workshop projects is given here:
  • A series production of dye-ringlasers for applications in spectroscopy
  • A triaxial probe manipulator for high precision UHV positioning
  • Equipment for laboratory teaching and lecture demonstrations
  • A prototype of a scientific device (magnetometer) for an upcoming ESA space mission
Adjusting screws with fine thread
Opt. holders with 3 point adjustment
Dye ring laser
3 axles UHV manipulator
3 axles manipulator
Prefabricated components

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