Femtosecond Dynamics

Welcome to the femtosecond laser lab!

We are a rather young and hopefully fast emerging group at TU Graz that focuses on the investigation of processes that are induced after light-matter interaction. For more information about our research topics feel free to visit the Research section. For latest tidings and publications, see News, and if you are interested in joining and expanding our team, check out our Open positions.

Latest News

2019-04-30: New article online in J. Phys. Chem. A.

We present our newest results on indium in helium nanodroplets. In this publication we describe an abnormal relaxation behaviour of the spin-orbit split ground states of indium inside the superfluid droplets.
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2019-03-18: Prize awarded for ultrafast spectroscopy.

Markus receives the Josef Krainer Würdigungspreis for his work on ultrafast phytodynamics in helium nanodroplets.
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2018-10-01: New article online in Nature Communications

We are delighted, that our first results regarding ultrafast studies in helium nanodroplets (HeN) have now gone online in Nature Comunications (open access). The results describe the ultrafast processes that are triggered by single-atom photoexcitation of indium inside the droplets.
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