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The completion of a Master thesis is mandatory for the successful completion of the Master’s Program Elektrotechnik or Elektrotechnik- Wirtschaft, The time allotted corresponds to approximately 6 months, depending on the intensity of work of the student.

The choice of the topic for a master thesis is decisive. The topic should primarily correspond to the student’s interest and be directed at the future professional interest of the student. Therefore, topic proposals by students are gladly accepted provided they fit the research interests of the IEE. Additionally, the IEE regularly advertises topics for possible master theses in order to provide students with appropriate ideas. In either case, the student is advised to contact an assistant at the institute. These advertised topics may be found on the notice board of the institute, or on the institute’s homepage.


The master thesis can be started at any point of time and is to be supervised by an assistant. The conclusion of the master thesis is the submission of a final report and the presentation of the final presentation at the Institute. The organizational issues are to be processed in TUG Online via the TeachCentre. The documents provided include:

  • Template for the Microsoft word document
  • Style of the presentation
  • Documents for scientific work
  • Information on the organization of projects
  • Information on presentation techniques

These documents are intended to provide non-technical assistance in the drafting of the thesis.

Open topics

The following master's theses are currently advertised by our institute. If you are interested, please contact the supervisors listed.

You can submit your own topic suggestions as long as they fit the IEE's subject area.

Automatic preparation of open-source line data for load flow models

This master's thesis aims to expand the IEE's GridTool, which extracts line data from OpenStreetMap. Among other things, it will be linked directly to the LEGO optimization model, the error analysis will be expanded, and typical line parameters will be calculated.

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Innovative storage hydropower plants for highly renewable energy systems

The aim of this master's thesis is to determine the potential for U-PSKW in Austria as well as suitable locations and to evaluate investments in this technology techno-economically in the LEGO energy optimization model.

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Bridging Data Gaps for the Optimization of Sector-Coupled & Sustainable Energy Systems

The aim is to extend an existing time series generation tool to include modules for electricity and heat time series. Using state-of-the-art methods from the current literature, the generator should use existing data to generate relevant data points.

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Benefits for the students

  • Collection of valuable experience in delivering scientific work
  • In-depth exploration of diverse software applications (ex: Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, GAMS, MatLab, and more)
  • Scenario development
  • Dealing with data and literature surveys
  • Understanding the energy system
  • Preparation of presentations and lectures
  • Presentation skills (feedback from professors and the institute)
  • Supervision by assistants at the Institute
  • Possibility of using the thesis results as a publication

Previous Master Thesis

In TUGonline you will find a list of completed Diploma Theses and Master's Theses.


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