EnLAG24 – Report on determining the electricity economic requirements for the 380-kV-line from Bünzwangen to Goldshöfe (EnLAG project no. 24)

On May 8, 2014, the district administration office Ostalbkreis issued a contract for report to determine the electricity economic requirements of the 380-kV-line from Bünzwangen to Goldshöfe (EnLAG project no. 24). Input data was to be as up-to-date and realistic as possible. Therefore, the report uses the so-called “starting network”. This network includes the existing grid as well as the additional EnLAG grid. Furthermore, the network expansion projects, including HVDC lines based on the “Bundesbedarfsplangesetz 2013”, are taken into account. Renewable energy expansion follows the draft law for the amendment of the Renewable Energy Sources Act. The conventional power plant stock for the calculations equals to the scenario framework of 2012, which is also the basis for the “Bundesbedarfsplangesetz”. Thereby, developments of the current draft of the Network Development Plan 2015’s scenario framework are considered. On the one hand, the calculations refer to the impact on the national electricity economy with and without the 380-kV-line Bünzwangen-Goldshöfe (utilization of the line, impact on other lines, national need for redispatch, etc.). On the other hand, calculations also refer to extreme case scenarios in the line’s close surrounding with and without the 380-kV line Bünzwangen-Goldshöfe. Further calculations concerning this matter were carried out in order to investigate the importance of this line for a potential increase in the international electricity exchange.

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