Energy plan of Styria

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The province of Styria’s energy plan 2005 -2015 shows the development of the energy policy in this period. For the first time, a participatory approach was used during the preparation of the energy plan. Numerous representatives from concerned areas were involved in this process. The main goal was an increase in acceptance of the measures and thereby the feasibility by involving the representatives at an early stage. Based on the quantitative targets of the energy plan 1995, the following goals will be pursued until 2015:
  • A reduction of the specific energy consumption in the sectors households, small consumers and industry by 1% per annum
  • An Increase in renewable energy share in final energetic energy consumption from 25% to 33
  • Stabilization in the use of energy in the transport sector
The achievement of these goals have a direct contribution to the achievement of overriding targets, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing security of supply.

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