E-mobility 1.0 – A widespread introduction of electric vehicles as a challenge in Austria – The impact on the electricity system, battery charging system and emission reduction

The project „e-mobility 1.0” simulated and rated introduction scenarios of electric vehicles up to 2030 in Austria based on the additional energy demand and the impact on the behaviour of the electricity system. In order to do so, two existing models, one for modelling the additional energy demand of electric vehicles and the other for the electricity system (ATLANTIS), were combined and extended. Another goal was to model the comprehensive implementation of the charging infrastructure in Austria and to also investigate payment systems for public charging station and load management systems in detail. The overall evaluation showed the costs and environmental effects caused by electric vehicles compared to those of conventional vehicles. It also demonstrated challenges and perspectives concerning necessary framework conditions and developments for the optimal integration of electric vehicles into an Austrian electricity system. The results were discussed by the advisory board together with relevant stakeholders from the electricity sector and representatives from the e-mobility model regions (VLOTTE, Modellregion Graz, Electrodrive Salzburg).

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