Carinthia Energy Guidlines

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The Carinthia Energy Guidlines 2007-2015 were developed within the framwork of an extensive energy innovation process with the participation of all important players of Carinthia’s energy economy. They were unanimously adopted by the government on 2 October 2006.  In consideration of the framework and the legal and energy economical objectives, the following objectives were set for the state of Carinthia:
  • A reduction of energy consumption by 20% of existing buildings in 2004
  • Increase of district and local heating by 50% compared to 2004
  • Equipment of every third building with a solar thermal system
  • Increase the usage of timber growth from 60% to 80%
  • Increase the hydropower generation by 7%
A comprehensive package of measures were adopted in order to achieve these objectives. The Carinthia Energy Guidlines 2007-2015 are a forwardthinking energy concept to make an important contribution for the good of people and economy.

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