Measured data ov PV feed-in and consumption.

Modeling storage systems sounds like a lot of theory? That is not the case, as some snapshots of our student prove which he took during the installation of the batteries and various measuring systems at the farm of Gregerbauer.

The master thesis is carried out as part of the project "Electricity storage in agriculture" in cooperation with Energie Steiermark and the Styrian Chamber of Agriculture.

With its 40,000 agricultural and forestry businesses, the agriculture sector offers great potential for energy savings. Energie Steiermark, in cooperation with the Styrian Chamber of Agriculture and the Institute for Electricity Economics and Energy Innovation, wants to support agricultural and forestry companies in making the best possible use of their potential and to optimize the self-consumption quota for the use of photovoltaic systems. With this project, surveys on this topic are carried out in field trials under real conditions and the results are analyzed. Master theses are also advertised as part of this project.

Project duration

  • Start: 22.09.2020
  • End: 01.10.2022

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