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In a sailing boat to the energy transition in Africa

Hr. Puttinger beim präsentieren seines Vortrages.
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IEE graduate Michael Puttinger visited us at the institute and gave an exciting presentation about his adventures during his circumnavigation of Africa and the projects for renewable energy in Africa that were initiated.

Michael Puttinger already dealt professionally with energy issues in Africa during his studies. He was able to scientifically work on the topic of renewable energy in Africa for the first time through his bachelor's and master's thesis at the IEE and to further deepen his experience in this field. After his studies, he decided to get to know the great potential, especially in southern Africa, even more closely and moved his workplace to a sailing boat. With the aim of accelerating energy innovations in and around Africa, he set out from Croatia in the summer of 2019 to circumnavigate our southern neighboring continent. Solar pumps and wind measurements in the oases of Egypt, floating photovoltaic systems on the Maldives, and measurements of marine and solar parameters for economic considerations on islands in the Indian Ocean were among the projects that could already be worked on during this trip.

During a stay in Austria, Michael Puttinger visited us at the institute and gave an insight into his adventures of sailing around Africa and the projects he initiated.

Thank you Michael Puttinger for the exciting lecture.

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