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Besides lectures and research work, the institute is also working on high voltage tests and analysis, focused on the assessment and development of high voltage equipment and systems.

The area of high voltage engineering can be divided in the sections high voltage systems, measurement techniques, over voltages, lightning protection and EMF, material science, cable and power equipment as well as environmental engineering.

In the area of system management the fields of research comprise isolation coordination, endurance tests, condition monitoring, diagnostics, maintenance strategies as well as project and asset management.

Measurements on insulations, components and equipment of electrical energy systems as well as analyses and examinations of oil/paper insulation systems are carried out in the high-voltage laboratory.


The main work at the institute is placed in the field of electrical energy systems, due to the increasing uncertainties in this section within the last years. For that reason, the condition monitoring, the aging behaviour and the lifecycle analysis of electrical energy systems, components and devices is one of the main research fields.

On one hand, work in the area of modelling and simulation, diagnostics and assessment procedures as well as new maintenance strategies are connected to the actual high-voltage technology. On the other hand, in addition to these technical tasks on the part of the electricity companies, the industry and the economy, it is also required to consider project and asset management. Quality and risk management and the development of appropriate proposals is therefore an important part of the described tasks. The classical field of work has therefore been extended to planning, handling and processing of such non-technical tasks and includes the following priorities:

High Voltage Engineering:
Fundamentals and use of high voltage engineering
High voltage systems, components and equipment
Testing, measuring and experimental setup tests
Measurement procedures, measurement systems and monitoring
Over voltages and transient behaviour
Lightning protection concepts and zones
Numerical calculations
Electromagnetic compatibility
High current technology
Material science
Insulating materials and insulation systems
Cable and overhead line technologies
Cryogenic technology
Environmental technology and electro static processes

System Management:
Insulation coordination and protection
Electrical strength and life cycle tests of systems and equipment
Condition evaluation and aging behaviour
Systems and options for diagnostics
Evaluation techniques and statistical methods
Modelling and simulation
Security of supply and maintenance strategies
Project and asset management
Quality and risk management
Environmental management

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