Top Talent Program @ IHS


We would like to congratulate Ms Giulia Vollmann on being selected as a Top Talent at the institute for the second time in a row.

As a result, she will receive intensive support with many attractive and exclusive offers in 2023/24.


The successful Top Talents programme is entering its second round. Our Top Talents for 2022/23 were selected after intensive deliberations.

They now have the opportunity to actively participate in research at the institute and will receive intensive support.

We would like to congratulate Giulia Vollmann and Daniel Schnizer on this success.


On 9 August, our Top Talents for 2021/22 were selected and officially welcomed to the Institute.

In the course of the Top Talent Programme, the Top Talents have the opportunity to experience research at the Institute first hand and are also promoted and intensively supported in their Bachelor's and Master's theses and project works.

We congratulate Philipp Brandl and Hannes Hager on this success.

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