Journal Article
Lukas Schwalt, Stephan Pack, Wolfgang Schulz and Georg Pistotnik Percentage of Single-Stroke Flashes Related to Different Thunderstorm Types Show publication in PURE
Nicolas Manduley, Stephan Pack, Selle Toure, Alain Xemard, Bertrand Raison and Serge Poullain Techniques for the Improvement of the Lightning Back-Flashover Performance of Double Circuit HVDC Lines Show publication in PURE
Dieter R Poelman, Wolfgang Schulz, Stephane Pedeboy, Dustin Hill, Marcelo Saba, Hugh Hunt, Lukas Schwalt, Christian Vergeiner, Carlos T Mata, Carina Schumann and Tom Warner Global ground strike point characteristics in negative downward lightning flashes - Part 1: Observations Show publication in PURE
Changjie Xia, Ming Ren, Bin Wang, Ming Dong, Bo Song, Yizhuo Hu and Oliver Pischler Acquisition and analysis of hyperspectral data for surface contamination level of insulating materials Show publication in PURE
Conference/Workshop Article
Johann Meisner, Ernst Gockenbach, Hanane Saadeddine, Jussi Havunen, Uwe Schichler, Alf Peter Elg, Fernando Garnacho, Paolo Emilio Roccato, Ahmet Merev, Kari Lahti, Karsten Backhaus, Andrea Orrea, Michael Gamlin and Thomas Steiner Standardisierung von Hochspannungsprüfungen mit zusammengesetzten und kombinierten Spannungsformen VDE High Voltage Technology 354-358 Show publication in PURE
Other Article
Lukas Schwalt and Stephan Pack Analysis of Lightning Discharges in the Austrian Alpine Region Using Ground Truth Measurement Data Show publication in PURE
Patrik Alexander Ratheiser and Uwe Schichler Qualification of MVAC XLPE Cables for DC Operation Show publication in PURE
Patrik Alexander Ratheiser and Uwe Schichler Review of IEC 62895 regarding Electrical Type Tests on extruded MVDC Cable Systems Show publication in PURE
Patrik Alexander Ratheiser and Uwe Schichler DC Leakage Current Measurements: Contribution for the Qualification of extruded MVAC Cables for DC Operation Show publication in PURE
Bernhard Schober and Uwe Schichler HVDC GIS/GIL – Classification of PD Defects using NoDi* Pattern and Machine Learning Show publication in PURE
Michael Hartje, Thomas Kumm, Bernhard Schober, Uwe Schichler, Javier Torres and Peter Werle Reproducibility of Partial Discharge Measurements on Surface Discharges according to IEC 60270 at DC and AC Voltage Show publication in PURE
Lukas Schwalt, Stephan Pack and Wolfgang Schulz Specific Ground Truth Data Analysis of Lightning Discharges in Austria Show publication in PURE
Lukas Schwalt and Stephan Pack Untersuchung der elektrischen Leitfähigkeit von Beton Show publication in PURE
Sahar Estahbanati and Uwe Schichler Beneficial Electrode Arrangement for Electroaerodynamic Propulsion Show publication in PURE
Hai Jiang, Oliver Pischler, Uwe Schichler, Jussi Havunen, Jari Hällström, Ahmet Merev, Serkan Dedeoglu, Sami Özer, Johann Meisner, Stephan Passon and Frank Gerdinand Prequalification of Capacitors for High-Precision Voltage Dividers Show publication in PURE
Oliver Pischler, Uwe Schichler, Bin Wang, Changjie Xia, Ming Ren and Ming Dong Condition Assessment of Power Equipment with UV, IR and Multispectral Imaging Show publication in PURE